My name is Wulf Ward  and this is my short story on how Men@Work Inc. has evolved into the company it is today. It all started in New York City in 1959, when I was 19 years old. I worked for a painting contractor, 12 hour days for very little money. That same year I was hired on as a cook, on a sea going tanker ship returning to Germany, my native country. Over the course of the next 3 years, while still located in Germany, I worked numerous jobs in sales, and returned to the USA in 1962.
I loved the independence I had in Germany, and I was looking to do the same kind of work in Chicago where I had since relocated. I tried out a various jobs, for a total of 31 over a 6 month period, before becoming a painting contractor in late 1962. In the beginning I worked alone, taking the bus to my new job-sites. It was a very humble beginning. If it was not for my lovely German wife having a steady job, I would have never succeeded.
As the years progressed, I hired my first employee / friend Dieter. As time went on I slowly hired more employees until there was a total of 30. Though there was enough work and man power, it was very difficult to make any real profit with the huge over head. This is when I made the decision to scale back the company to a 2 man operation again. It was just Dieter and I working, concentrating on industrial and commercial work.
1971 we landed the Chicago contract with Tischman general contractors to provide the core work at the John Hancock Center and Water Tower Place.  About the same time we started a relationship with Jimmy Long,  president of  Long Chevrolet. We provided services to all of his USA dealerships. Over the years we have worked on many interesting projects, making new friends along the way.
1979 became the year we became incorporated, bearing the name Specialty Coating and Sandblasting Inc.  Later shortened to SCS, Inc.
2005 I retired and sold the company. As it turns out retiring was not for me. I negotiated a deal to regain SCS, Inc. subsequently spinning it off to a new company “MEN@WORK INC.”
After working 50 years in the sandblasting and coatings business, I enjoy the challenges just as much when I started out as a nineteen year old boy.
Wulf Ward